Bungubox Melancholic Gray

Bungbox inks are a Sailor custom made inks for a Bungubox pen store in Japan. Bungubox line contains some killer colors but because of high price and limited availability can’t be enjoyed by Sailor inks enthusiasts.

I’ve received the sample of Bungubox Melancholic Gray from one of FPNers – MythicalUnicorn. Thank you Daniel.

Melancholic Gray is a nice medium-saturated grey ink that behaves well on most papers and offers some water resistance. That said, it lacks lubrication and wetness I enjoy in most Sailor inks. Not a bad ink by any means, especially if you’re into greys. If, however, you just want to check if there’s a sense to get a grey ink go with Diamine, De Atramentis or Noodler’s.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Copy paper, Kosmos fountain pem, fine nib

Tomoe River, Kosmos fountain pem, fine nib

Water resistance


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