Organics Studio Blue Crab

Organics Studio is a boutique fountain pen ink company started by a University of Maryland biochemistry student. The company was present on the market few years ago and I guess some of their inks were quite popular. I remember I really enjoyed Walt Whitman, Blue Merle or Boron. In 2014 company’s creator decided to take a break in creating inks and I have impression he did it in a way that discouraged many ink afficionados. Some of OS inks developped some sediment, some lost their colors or deteriorated. In June 2016 OS came back to  market but as I see their inks aren’t widely available. I bel;ieve regainiong trust in our small world won’t be that easy. On the other hand I would gladly try their new inks and if such a possibility arises I’ll do it.

The sample of Blue Crab was gifted to me by MMG112 – thank you Mary, it’s very generous :)

The ink is rather disappointing. For me the color is lifeless and mind-numbingly boring. The physical properties are less than average.

Flow: the Ink feels dry.

Saturation: level of saturation in regular pen (Platinum Plaisir with medium nib) is below average. Add dryish feel and lack of lubrication and you get unpleasant writing experience, unless, of course, you use crazily wet pen.

Lubrication: not enough.

Drying time: rather reasonable. 10-15 seconds on Rhodia, 5 –  10 seconds on absorbent paper.

Clogging issues: None experienced. The ink may dry in the nib but only after few minutes. You can leave the pen uncapped for 2-3 minutes and everything should be fine.

Feathering: none experienced.

Bleedthrough: almost none, even on crappy paper – Moleskine

Water resistance: this ink isn’t water resistant.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel
Color ID
Color range
No name notebook, Platinum Plaisir, medium nib and Diplomat Depeche, broad nib
Leuchtturm 1917, TWSBI 580, stub 1.1
Moleskine, Hero 5028, stub 1,1
Water resistance

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