Cherry Blossom of Keage – Kyo – iro

To be honest I don’t know much about the company. Some time ago Algester posted topic about Tag Kyoto branch inks. The bottles and colors presented on their site looked nice so I’ve decided to try some of these inks. The inks are made by or for Takeda Jimuki company and are available in two lines: Kyo No Oto and Kyo-Iro. Kyo no Oto inks are said to be traditional japanese colors that has been used since heian era (roughly 1000 years ago),and expressing a tinges that have been nurtured in long history and profound culture for long time.

Kyonooto inks are:

  1. Aonibi
  2. Imayouiro
  3. Kokeiro
  4. Nurebairo
  5. Yamabukiiro

Kyo-iro inks are:

  1. Cherry Blossom of Keage
  2. Flaming Red of Fushimi
  3. Moonlight of Higashiyama
  4. Soft Snow of Ohara
  5. Stone Road of Gion

Cherry Blossom of Keage can be described in many ways – from “Aaaaargh” and “No, thank you” through “Dirty Pink / Dirty Mauve” and as far as “Nice” or “Subtle“. Personally I tolerate this kind of pinks. J. Herbin’s Rouille d’Ancre (that some people hate) is one of my favourite inks. This one won’t take Rouille d’Ancre place but I didn’t need to clench my teeth while writing this review. I would call it subtle.

As you see on scans it can look saturated in wet pens and rather pale in dry pens. It’s not particularly wet ink. To enjoy it you’ll need something broad and wet.

As for other specs: no feathering, no bleedthrough, no water resistance.


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Oxford, Hero 5028, stub 1,9

Clairefontaine, Sheaffer Balance, EF nib






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