Montblanc Web Grey

Montblanc regularly intoduces new and pricey LE/SE inks.

I’d like to try more of them but because of high cost of a bottle, it’s not possible.

As I like grey inks, I decided to try this one.


50 ml glass bottle that comes in a stylish packaging. It looks nice on the shelf. It’s solid and ergonomic.

Ink splash

As you’ll see in a second, it’s not most saturated grey ink on the market. It leans toward puple just a little bit, but has a distinct silver tone to it. I have to say I enjoy the hue, although in drier nibs the line will lack strength. The flow and behavious are decent.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Tomoe River, TWSBI 580, stub 1.1

Tomoe River, Jinhao 992, fine nib

Rhodia, TWSBI 580, stub 1.1

Copy paper, Jinhao 992, fine nib

Tsubame, TWSBI 580, stub 1.1

Fabriano, Jinhao 992. fine nib

Water resistance

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