J. Herbin Vert de Gris

As a huge fan of J. Herbin inks, I was thrilled to learn about five new standard inks introduced in 2018. I’ve got the bottles and I’ll review them shortly.

New inks come in standard J. Herbin glass bottles that contain 30 ml of the writing fluid.

Ink splash

Vert de Gris is great. I like grey inks, especially when they’re more complex and tis one fills the bill. It’s saturated enough to read it easily, it flows very well and has reasonable amount of lubrication (although it’s nowhere near Sailor inks in this regard). Overall, it’s a keeper.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Fabriano, Lamy Al-Star, medium nib

Tomoe River, Lamy Al-Star, medium nib

Copy paper, Lamy Al-Star, medium nib

Maruman, Hero 616, fine (?) nib

Water resistance

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