Amethyste de l’Oural

Amethyste De L’Oural is the first ink in the new Jacques Herbin 1798 Inks Collection. 1798 commemorates a special year in the history of Herbin, and a turning point in the history of France.

At the moment, there’s plenty of shimmering inks on the market. Generally, I don’t like them. Glitter irritates me. Marketingwise, though, J. Herbin still reigns. The story behind the inks, packaging anc choice of colors are first class.

Neither Diamine nor De Atramentis are close.

The ink comes in nice and quite comfortable glass bottle.

What’s not to like? A deep rich purple with quite good behavior. The ink shimmers. However I did my best to hide the glimmer. It was easy. I just let the ink sit for a day and it seems most of the particles went down. Some glitter can be seen but it’s tolerable and allows me to enjoy ink color.

The flow is good and so far I haven’t experienced any clogging or dry starts. The ink feels wet and in broader nibs it behaves like a gusher. The ink is well saturated and has some water resistance to it – text is still visible after spending fifteen minutes in water. It’s feels well-lubricated. It’s rather slow to dry on Rhodia paper. Very mild feathering (there might be more with a wider/wetter nib) can be observed on bad quality paper.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Fabriano, Lamy Al-Star, broad nib

Tomoe River, Lamy Al-Star, broad nib

Rhodia, Lamy Al-Star, broad nib

Water resistance

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