Rohrer & Klingner Lilly Sketch Ink

Rohrer&Klingner produces wonderful inks. I think it’s the company that’s criminally underrated in fountain pen afficionados circles.

sketchINK® is a range of 10 inks for fountain pens. They are – as most pigment inks – exceptionally waterproof and lightfast.

R&K uses nano pigments to enable an optimal ink flow. However, it has to be said that waterproof inks can cause clotting in fountain pens. Therefore it’s reasonable to clean pens filled with it regularly.

I bought two of these inks Lilly and Emma. Both are nice and behave fairly well for a pigment ink.


The inks are sold in 50 ml glass bottle. While it’s not as nice as some ink bottles are, it’s practical.

Ink Splash

The ink feels well lubricated and flows well. I haven’t tried it in drier nib, however it cooperates with this stub flawlessly. I had no problems with starting to write after having the pen unused for a week. I haven’t experienced any clogging or drying on the nib. On the other hand, so far I’ve been using this ink only in one fountain pen so my experience is limited.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Copy paper, Perun Custom fountain pen, stub 1.1

Fabriano, Perun Custom fountain pen, stub 1.1

Rhodia, Perun Custom fountain pen, stub 1.1

Water resistance

Fully water resistant. I’ll add some photo later.

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