KWZ Ink – Wspomnienie znad Bałtyku (Baltic Memories)

KWZI is polish ink manufacture that gained popularity by reintroducing safe iron gall inks on the market. At the moment KWZ Ink offers wide variety of standard and iron-gall inks.

Recently Konrad and Agnieszka crafted three new inks named after places in Poland:

1. Sen o Warszawie (A Dream of Warsaw)

2. Spacer nad Wisłą (Walk along Vistula)

3. Wspomnienie znad Bałtyku (Baltic memories)

I think it’s cool idea to have inks named after places (like Super 5 series of pigmented inks named after European cities). The inks come in usual KWZI glass bottles, but the etiquettes were painted with an ink by one of Polish fountain pen boards user. Additionally, KWZI printed postcards with the etiquettes.



Ink Splash (on Tomoe River to show sheen)

Wspomnienie znad Baltyku is a heavily saturated ink. Color range van be quite big depending on the pen and paper you use. The ink is heavily saturated and as such is prone to drying if you leave the pen uncapped for more than one minute. I love naming inks after real places and I think newlabels are excellent. I just want to see warmer colors.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Fabriano, Baoer 388, fine nib

Rhodia, Baoer 388, fine nib

Tomoe River, Visconti van Gogh, fine nib

Midori,Hero 5028, stub 1.9

Water resistance

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