Zycc Navy Blue

ZyCC is a mysterious brand of very cheap inks that can be bought on Aliexpress for 1.5$ (shipment included) for 15 ml. I know absolutely nothing about the company / brand. Given the price (less than a packet of Pelikan cartridges) I’ve ordered Navy Blue ink to try. The ink comes in plastic bootles:

The ink is rather wet and flows very well from the ppen. There’s not a lot of lubrication but what we get is just enough to enjoy writing on most papers. Drying time is rather satisfying.

The color isn’t particularly surprising. It’s generic blue black that can be used in all situations.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Rhodia, Jinhao 886, medium nib

Midori, Jinhao 886, medium nib

Water resistance


One thought on “Zycc Navy Blue

  1. Very pretty. It’d be interesting to leave it in a pen for a few months and see if it causes any trouble. Cheap ink always has me a bit worried, but this sure is pretty!


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