Aurora Ipsilon with stub nib

At first glance, Aurora Ipsilon looks rather interesting. I believe this pen would stand out in a pile of other popular models. The lines are nice and smooth and the cap is quite unique. I don’t necessarily like the design but it’s rather characteristic. As most Aurora pens, Ipsilon is made in Italy. I bought this particular pen because I was interested in trying Aurora italic nib and it was the cheapest way to do so.

The pen comes in an elegant box.




I’m not crazy about Ipsilon design. It’s nice interpretation of the classic torpedo shape but for me something fells a bit off. Maybe it’s the fact that barrel finish is flat and cap end is rounded? I still haven’t figured it out.




The pen is made of blue plastic. The cap is oblong and supported by steel ring stamped with ITALY name. The cap works very well and posts with audible and satisfying snap. It can be posted if that’s your preference, although it shows tendency to slip off, especially if you move the pen a lot. The clip is Y shaped and functions well. On the other hand as you can see on the photo the finish isn’t perfect. A bit of lacquer was placed on the clip.

The band around the middle reads “AURORA” and “ITALY.” That’s about the only branding on this pen so the design can be described as clean.




(Monteverde Charoite on Discovery 70 mgsm copy paper)

Aurora nibs are made in-house by Aurora. The ones I tried so far were more than decent. The italic is about a 1.2mm and it’s crisp. It’s toothier than Bock or JoWo italics most of us are used to. I like this nib but if you look for smoothest italic ever, look elsewhere. You have to find good angle in order to fully enjoy writing.

Filling system



The pen comes with Aurora Blue cartridge and converter. Nothing fancy. Everything works just fine and is easy to clean and functional.


Capped – 134mm
Uncapped – 116mm

The pen is rather light. Too light for me to be honest. I prefer heavier pens and lack of more significant weight in Ipsilon irritates me. It’s almost as if I didn’t have anything in the hand. I’m not a poster though. Posting the cap would definitely add some heft to the pen.

The size of this pen is just right, I guess but again – I prefer bigger pens. This one is just too small for me. Chances that you’ll experience any hand fatigue with this one are very small and that’s a plus.






I think Ipsilon is a decent pen. It’s not crazily expensive and golden italic nib is a joy to use once you figure out the right angle. Sadly, the pen is just too small and too light for me. If you prefer bigger and heavier pens chances are you won’t enjoy this one. If however you look for a stylish and light fountain pen this one is worth considering.




4 thoughts on “Aurora Ipsilon with stub nib

  1. I’ve also been eyeing this as a way to try the 1.2 Italic. Where did you buy yours? And, if you don’t mind my asking, how much did you pay for it?


      • Cheers for that super-prompt response! I realised just after posting my first comment that your pen is outfitted with the gold nib. Have you had a chance to also try the steel italic? And, do you have idea why that version doesn’t seem to be available with European retailers? (Goulet and Anderson both have it listed on their sites for $99)


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