Aurora Blue-Black

Aurora inks come in three basic colors: blue, blue black and black. The bottle holds 45 ml of ink. Inks can be also bought in cartridges.

For many years Aurora wasn’t interested in expanding their color range. They seemed to think that Blue and Black are able to fully satisfy fountain pen afficionados needs. The market changed, hundreds of new colors were created, new ink makers appeared and Aurora teem decided to make a bold move and offer new exciting color, unlike any other on the market * – blue black. It’s a breakthrough moment in Aurora history. Who knows, maybe they’ll dare to offer green or red soon?

While I’m not biggest fan of blue blacks, I tend to use them from time to time. Kyonooto Aonibi is one of my favorite inks ever but it’s not classic blue black. I was interested in trying new Aurora ink (on the other hand I’m interested in trying any new ink). I bought a bottle and used it for few weeks in four pens. The results are good.

To put it shortly – it’s an excellent fountain pen ink. You may not enjoy the color but the behavior and smoothness are first class.

The color is saturated and quite deep, the ink flows nicely and lubricates the nib in a satisfying way. level of saturation is satisfying but not crazily intense or overwhelming. There’s some shading – I guess that in a right pen it can be quite intense. I haven’t observed any feathering even on Moleskine (a synonyme of crappy paper). Some bleedthrough was experienced only on Moleskine (crappy paper).

Drying time is reasonable (10-15 secs on Rhodia and alikes).

Additionally it’s fairly water resistant ink. Well done Aurora! I hope that you’ll offer some new colors.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Discovery 70 mgsm copy paper, Wing Sung 698, fine nib

(The quote comes from Josiah Bancroft’s excellent book Arm of the Sphinx. Highly recommended)

Oxford Optic 90 mgsm, Visconti Homo Sapiens, medium nib

Leuchtturm1917, Visconti Homo Sapiens, medium nib

Leuchtturm1917, Wing Sung 698, medium nib

Water resistance


* I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m joking, but just to be sure – it was irony 😛

3 thoughts on “Aurora Blue-Black

  1. Thank you for the detailed and entertaining review. The colour looks appealing to me, in comparison with some other blue blacks. The other qualities that you mention all make this a very desirable and useful ink to have.

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  2. looks like a very decent blue-black. i was expecting a lot of reddish sheen from this ink as i have seen from other reviews, but i guess the sheen only comes out where the ink is thicker.


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