Moss Agate – C.Roberson & Co

C Roberson and Co has been manufacturing and supplying artists’ materials since 1810. They provide wide variety of artists’ materials. Among other products there’s also Classical Transparent Ink line suitable for fountain pens. The inks are sold for around 6 pounds in 30 ml glass bottles. They can also be mixed together in order to obtain new colors.


The samples of five colors were kindly sent to me by Cybaea – thank you Allan!


The line consists of twenty four colors.



  1. Agate Blue
  2. Amazonite Green
  3. Amber Yellow
  4. Aquamarine Blue
  5. Carnellian Red
  6. Cherry Opal
  7. Fuchsia Quartz
  8. Grey Hematite
  9. Hazel Onyx
  10. Jasper Red
  11. Jet Black
  12. Lilac Agate
  13. Moss Agate
  14. Obsidian Brown
  15. Olive Peridot
  16. Orange Yellow
  17. Sepia Quartz
  18. Peridot Green
  19. Pink Quartz
  20. Scarlet Ruby
  21. Sulphur Yellow
  22. Turquoise Agate
  23. Violet Agate
  24. Yellow Jasper

Moss Agate is quite interesting. The shading is nice and color quite complex. On the other hand the flow isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t cause nib to glide effortlessly on the paper. Decent ink and that’s all.

Ink splash


Water resistance


Software ID


Color Range


Water resistance


Tomoe River, Kaweco Sport Classic, B




Leuchtturm1917, Jinhao x750, medium


Clairefontaine, TWSBI 580, stub 1,1 Kaweco Sport Classic, B




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