Sheaffer Balance II Green Marble LE

It’s not surprising that modern pen makers try to capitalize on their heritage by issuing revived versions of older pens. Why would Sheaffer act differently? Especially that they created many stunning pens in the past. Nowadays the company can’t create anything interesting. And yet they have know-how to recreate many gems. Sheaffer Balance II was offered as limited edition of 6000 pieces in 1997.

It’s a stunning pen, really.



The pen has perfect shape.Wide, smooth cigar shape with tapered ends is very comfortable in the hand. The threads are soft and there is no step back from the section to the barrel. The pen looks spectacular.




Sadly, the plastic used to produce the pen is infamous for being very fragile. It seems that with time most of these pens develop cracks and / or stress lines. In order to make its use safer the cap shouldn’t be posted, and the clip shouldn’t be pulled out further than is necessary to slide a piece of paper under it.

The material used in Green Marble version of the pen looks spectacular. If only I wasn’t afraid it’ll break just because I look at it, I would love to use this pen frequently. The curve of the section is well-suited to my grip and makes the peb very comfortable. Cap looks great and is engineered to be posted however posting it has hazards – it may lead to chips and cracks in the cap lip. As the pen isn’t mine I haven’t posted it. I don’t want to damage this work of art.



The 18K gold feathertouch nib is a fine nib. Juicy and incredibly smooth. A  joy to use. It has a bit of spring to it. I read that some early customers reported skippy nibs, but this one starts well and writes until it is empty.

Filling system


It’s a lever filler. Filling system works well, however there are some risks connected with it. Sheaffer sacced these pens with silicone sacs which, in theory, should last many years. On the other hand if the sack will deteriorate and you’ll have to exchange it, it won’t be possible without pulling the section out. There’s a risk of cracking the barrel in the process. Why beauty needs to be so fragile?


Capped:  147.3 mm

Uncapped:  125.3 mm

The pen is light and comfortable to write with. For me, it has a perfect size and diameter.


While I think this pen looks spectacular, I’m not sure if it’s good choice. It will, undoubtedly, look well in the cabinet, protected by glass. The thing is I don’t collect pens, I mostly use them. This isn’t pen for me. I think it’s better suited for collectors who won’t fill it and treat it more like work of art than every day carry fountain pen.

It’s stunning. It’s one of nicest pens I ever used but I would be afraid to get one for myself or to recommend it to otherrs because of how fragile it is. It’s a great modern collectible that shouldn’t be considered as a pen you’re supposed to use, sadly.

Disclaimer: The pen was lent me by FPN user VodnikVolsovecek. It hasn’t influenced my opinion but I guess some of you want to know such things. Krzysiek – thank you for being so generous and allowing me to play with high-end fountain pens 🙂



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