Jinhao x750 short review

In the beginning of my fountain pen quest I was hooked by variety of reasonably priced chinese fountain pens. Jinahos and Baoers propelled me into the hobby. With time I switched to more expensive pens with more nuanced design but I still enjoy some of chinese creations. Jinhao X750 is among my favorite ones.

The X750 is a cigar shaped brass fountain pen that comes in a lot of finishes,  I tried all of them and I think checkerboard one looks best. Of course the pattern is far from perfect – some of the squares overlap awkwardly, some are smudged and so on. The pattern is ingrained (anodized?) in the metal of the body and cap. It shouldn’t wear off easily.



Snap on cap works well but in some pens it may become wobbly with time, especially if you tend to post your pens. I’m not a poster. Unless I’m using Kaweco Sport but that’s a different story. Clip does what’s it supposed to do well but it doesn’t look particluarly interesting. In some pieces it’s incredibly stiff. The centre band (rather ugly) is silver and etched with the words “JINHAO” and “X750” on opposite ends with some flourishes separating them. Both ends of the Jinhao X750, clip and centre band has a polished mirror finish.



The plastic grip section tapers towards a metal ring separating it from the nib. As this ring is slightly wider than the grip section it may serve as a nice resting point for fingers if you grip close to the nib.




Montblanc Jonathan Swift on Oxford Paper


The nib looks like a standard #6 medium. It’s not particluarly nice but I don’t mind as it performs very well. I got a smooth writing experience with no skipping or hard starts. Both nib and feed easily slide in and out of the section, with little effort required. This makes it very easy to clean the pen.

Filling System


The Jinhao X750 comes with a standard international converter. However it takes a standard international cartridge if you prefer to use them.


Weight: 37g
Capped: 141.5mm
Uncapped: 125.5mm


This pen costs less than 5$. You really can’t go wrong with it. And even if your taste will change with time, one of these can be used with riskier inks or as workhorse pen that’s not afraid to get some beating. It feels weighty and ponderous in the hand so if you prefer featherlight fountain pens this one won’t be for you.








7 thoughts on “Jinhao x750 short review

  1. Does it really say “18K GP” on a steel nib? hee, hee

    I don’t feel right buying obvious knock-off pens, but I’m willing to try ones that have a unique design (or at least show some original effort in the design side of things). This one is a little too heavy for me, alas. Thanks for the review!

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  2. I am currently awaiting this exact pen from EBay. I was going to get the black one until this one popped up in my results. Thanks for the review, so glad I found your blog. Lots of great posts and awesome photos. I’ve shared many of them to my Flipboard magazine “Pen and Paper”.

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  3. Nice review. I have one of these in ivory. The nib on mine was terrible, so I ended up switching it for another #6 nib. Now it writes really well, although it’s a bit too heavy for long writing sessions.


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