Tibaldi Magenta

Tibaldi is company I know littlle about, however they seem to claim to be the first and most important Italian factory of fountain pens. Tibaldi & Company was founded in October 1916 by Giuseppe Tibaldi who offered reasonably priced pens. After his death in 1935 the company new owner Remo Pagliuca focused ion narrowing the line of pens and to offer pens that used components from other companies (to lower production cost). It didn’t pay out – in 1960s Tibaldy practically disappeared from the market.
Aquila Brands owns Tibaldi, and has a mission to provide a portfolio of brands whose common denominator is quality, design, technology, performance, charm and innovation, and which are distinguishable by their identity, philosophy and market positioning. Tibaldi nicely meets that mission. In 1990 it emerged again for a brief time. In 2005 Aquila family took over the company and Tibaldi returned to the market place. Tibaldi now offers luxury fountain pens. I’ve never held one in the hand so I’m not able to share any valuable opinion concerning their quality. However thanks to Michael R. I had a chance to try few of their inks.
Magenta is quite vivid color.
Drops of ink on kitchen towel
Software ID
Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, B
Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B
Lyreco Budget, Kaweco Classic Sport, B

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