Standardgraph Malvenrot

Standardgraph Zeichentechnik GmbH is german manufacturer of technical drawing instruments, rulers and pencil sharpeners. They also have inks. They manufacture and distribute their own calligraphy products and products from the company Rubinato. I believe Standardgraph inks are made in Germany by Standardgraph, but I’m not 100 % sure. Correct me if I’m wrong :)

They offer palette of 24 colors.

Malvenrot is averagely saturated red color with pinkish accents. While I even like the color, I must say that ink physical prioprieties are average. It has average flow, average lubrication, average shading. It doesn’t feather, so that’s pretty cool. On the other hand it’s not enough to save it from being mediocre. NOt recommended unless you collect red inks or enjoy dryish inks.


Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color range

Tsubame, TWSBI 580, stub 1.1

Leuchtturm1917 – TWSBI 580, stub 1.1

Rhodia, TWSBI 580, stub 1.1

Cheap copy paper – Kaweco Classic Sport. Eyedropper, B


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