Jinhao 992 short review

Well, it seems people went crazy about this little chinese fountain pen. At the moment it’s most popular fountain pen on polish fountain pen board but it also gets some attention in other places. The reason is simple – it’s cheapest decently made demonstrator on the market. You can have one with shipment for 2 $ and that’s less than cup of coffee in most european countries.




The Jinhao 922 is a clear demonstrator pen with chrome accents and simple design. I came to enjoy demonstartors more than all those flashy, swirly acrylic pens out there. Seeing the ink sloshing around inside the pen is a fun and this pen can be used safely as an eyedropper.

The cap and body of the pen taper toward the finial and endcap. One touch that Jinhao included on this pen that I really like is that they put a rubber / plastic (I’m not sure what meterial was used) o-ring at the top of the barrel, just below the threads that the cap screws onto. The o-ring acts as a buffer and a seal between the cap and barrel.





The cap on this pen is tight and lacks springiness. The threads are well-aligned and the cap screws onto the pen easily. On the other hand it unscrews easily as well. It only takes about one full twist to secure and the threads catch properly every time, without fail. The cap doesn’t post very securely. It’s a push-to-post kind of cap, I guess if you push gard enough it’ll sit on place but my personal preference is to use pens unposted. Maybe I try to post them too lightly?





The nib is small, I’d guess a standard #5 in size. It has a simple design etched around the inside edge, with the Jinhao name and nib size (F) imprinted in the center. The nib writes rather smoothly, however the one I got isn’t as wet as I expected it to be after reading enthusiastic comments of other people. Apart form this I don’t really have any complaints in that department. Jinhao nibs are more reliable out of box than Kaweco nibs and that is rather sad because Jinhao fountain pen usually costs a fraction of a Bock nib price.

Filling system 


The pen is designed for use with Jinaho converters and cartridges.On the other hand short international cartridges seem to work well with it as well. Converter is included and perfectly functional. More interesting option though is to use this pen as an eyedropper. It’s well designed to be used this way – no metal elemets, o-ring between section and the barrel, long thread. I haven’t used silicon grease and after a week of walking, running, sitting with the pen in my pocket I haven’t experienced any leaking. Of course it’s better to use silicon grease but you don’t have to obsess about it.



135 mm capped, weight approximately 15 g. This pen is too small for me and the section feels too narrow for my needs.


I see why this pen is becoming popular. Cheap, decently made demostrator with rather nice design appeal to me as well. Personally I find it a little to small for my taste but apart from that I think that for the price it’s excellent fountain pen.



5 thoughts on “Jinhao 992 short review

  1. Thank you for this timely review. I just placed an order for a couple of these pens a few days ago. I’m hopeful that they’ll be at least as good as the Penton F10 demonstrators. (The latest post on my blog is a review of the Penton F10, which you might be interested in as it’s another solid performing demonstrator that costs about the same as a cup of coffee.)

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  2. Thanks for the review. I think I may pick one of these up soon for the price and the capability to eyedropper. And it’s a demonstrator. Very cool. (Fountain pen newbie here) I shared your review to my flipboard magazine “pen and paper”.


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