Wing Sung 590 – chinese colossus short review

As I enjoy trying new things I often order some chinese fountain pens that I resell or give to others later. Some stay with me, some find new homes. WIng Sung 590 was a model mentioned quite a bit on fountain pen boards some time ago. Experience with this one were mixed. There were peope wgo raved about how good was the pen and people who were disappointed by it’s smell, feed problems or overall performance.



The one I received performs well but, truth be told, I’m not so entusiatic about it.




Wing Sung 590 is a very large pen, but light weight for its size. The overall design is boring. Cylindrical shape, flattop, golden furniture. The parts fit together decently.  The cap and section threading feel a little coarse but there’s no wobbling or looseness. As it’s a vintage pen signs of wear and tear are visible practically everywhere. Discoloration, some microscratches, gold trim that wears off. That’s ok for me as I usually don’t expect much from 5 $ fountain pens.









The nib appears to be close in size to #6 nibs, but I’m not sure if they are swappable. It writes quite well. It didn’t need any smoothing or tweaking to produce consistent line. Ink flow is rather moderate but I think it can be improved by using wetter ink or doing some adjustments to the feed. The nib isn’t exactly smooth, it’s rigid and writing is moderately pleasant. Line variation is possible. Surprisingly reverse writing is very smooth and plesant.

Filling system


Aerometric filling system. The ink sac in this thing is HUGE and holds a ton of ink.



Capped – 158 mm

Posted – 172 mm

Diameter – 14 mm

Weight – 15 g


Wing Sung 590 is a pen you don’t really need unless you’re into hobby and simply need to try new things from time to time. It’s cheap. It’s huge. If you’re lucly, it’ll perform well. For me this pen is too big and too ugly to use. Also getting one is like particpating in Chinese Pen Lottery – you may get a working one, you may have bad luck and get a ppen that will, say, spontaneously stop writing in the middle of sentence. That’s part of the fun, actually 🙂


One thought on “Wing Sung 590 – chinese colossus short review

  1. I think it’s trying to be a Pilot 845. I bought one and I smelled the mildew before I even opened the package. I soaked everything in ammonia, changed the sac and still it stank. The only pen I’ve ever thrown in the garbage.

    I did get a Knox Nr6 nib to fit, by the way.

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