Rohrer & Klingner Fernambuk

Rohrer & Klingner operates since 1892. At the moment it’s the fifth generation of the family that manages the company. I guess that after 122 years they know what they are doing.

R&K inks offer amazing quality for amazing price. In my country a bnottle of R&K ink costs 5-6 $. I know it’s a bit more expensive in America, yet I believe the price is still reasonable.

I find it interesting that Rohrer & Klingner seems to focus mainly on the content and not on the bottles. Inks come in industrial looking bottle taht is quite handy but there’s just nothing fancy about it. It’s surprising.

Anyway they offer eighteen colors, some stunning, some boring but all have good qualities and are easy to clean.

  1. Alt-bordeaux
  2. Alt-Goldgrun
  3. Blu Mare
  4. Blue Permanent
  5. Cassia
  6. Fernambuk
  7. Helianthus
  8. Leipziger-Schwarz
  9. Magenta
  10. Morinda
  11. Royal Blue
  12. Salix
  13. Scabiosa
  14. Sepia
  15. Smaragdgrun
  16. Solferino
  17. Verdigris
  18. Verdura

It’s time to re-review these inks.

Fernambuk is an interesting color but it’s difficult to say / decide if it’s red or pink. I don’t mind the color but I can understand those of you who think about dumping it out of the pen a second after putting the nib to paper. I have such reaction to cyano-turquoises.

Flow: the Ink feels wet. Not as wet as J. Herbin Eclat de Saphire but it’s very wet ink.

Saturation: level of saturation is satisfying for my needs. The ink doesn’t look oversaturated, it remains fully legible in all light conditions.

Lubrication: good

Drying time: rather reasonable. 15-20 seconds on Rhodia, 10 – 15 seconds on absorbent paper.

Clogging issues: None experienced. The ink may dry in the nib but only after few minutes. You can leave the pen uncapped for 2-3 minutes and everything should be fine.

Feathering: visible feathering on Moleskine.

Bleedthrough: experienced strongly on Moleskine

Water resistance: this ink isn’t water resistant.

Software ID
Color range
Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco Skyline Sport, double broad
 Maruman, Kaweco Skyline Sport, broad
Moleskine, Kaweco Sport, broad nib
Bleedthrough on Moleskine
Rhofia DotPad, Kaweco Sport, broad nib

Rhodai, Kaweco Sport, broad nib

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