Lamy Safari Petrol 2017 LE

I like puzzles, logical, visual and spatial games. I enjoy working on complex problems. There was a time when I struggled with one logical problem for years. No matter how hard I flexed my brain and eyes I couldn’t begin to fathom reasons which compeled people to pay real money for Lamy Safari and use it in daily light, without paper bag covering it’s ridiculous silhouette. 
To my dismay many people whom I respect used it on daily basis and recommended it on polish fountain pen board to other people. Why would one human being to such a thing to other sentient being was beyond understanding.
And yet Lamy sales records shows that Lamy Safari is a true bestseller that provides significant income year to year. Sure, we jokingly say that millions of flies can’t be wrong but c’mon, have some mercy.  Let’s take a look at the pen in question. Plastic. Shapeless. Rough. Could it be that people buy this pen out of pity?

Despite my best efforts tunderstanding wasn’t coming. The problem would probably torment me throughout the life just to remain unsolved when I pass my last breath. But then a gentle and kind soul, a friend from polisg fountain pen board borrowed me his black Lamy Al-Star.

When I received the pen I rubbed my hands imaging devastating review I would write and the stir it would cause. Then I started to actually use the pen and after three weeks I bought one for myself. Then the next. And another one.

At the moment I have four Safaris and nine Al-Stars. At least one of these pens is always with me.


I still can’t explain why people like them but I become one of Lamy Safari die-hard fans. Truth be told I prefer Al-Stars as they have more solid feel but it changes nothing. Safary is a great every day fountain pen. It’s durable, reliable, and after some time I started to consider it nice.

Lamy Safari is available in several standard colors and throughout the years we’ve seen number of limited edition special colors. Some are fervently sought after (terracota, Savannah), some not so much. Over the years Lamy tried almost every color of the rainbow. With one exception. Purple. It’s as if they didn’t believe people might be interested in purple / violet pens. That proves their marketing team isn’t the best as throughout the internet there was a lot of people practically begging for purple one.

Finally in 2016 it happened and Dark Lilac success was overhelming. The interest in the pen and ink surprised Lamy and while there was enough pens for almost everybody, they didn’t produce enough ink to satisfy global needs.

After this success people were interested in next LE color. Lamy decided to offer Petrol. Ok, Fine. I would prefer Khaki or Olive Green but Petrol isn’t banal. I haven’t heard about many teal fountain pens. Once it became available I grabbed both the pen and the ink and I’m pretty happy with them.

While I prefer Dark Lilac version I think matte petrol finish looks nice and quite unique. Black furniture goes with this color very well. They make this pen look stylish. Sure it’s not the pen you’ll want to keep in cabinet just to admire it elegant lines and precious material used to finish it as it feautures none og it. It was made for writing. And as a writing tool it’s spectacular and reliable.

Some history

Lamy Safari was designed by Wolfgang Fabian and introduced on the market in 1980. It was available in three colours: Terracotta Orange, Savannah Green and Charcoal Black. Over time, the design of the pen has changed only cosmetically (words Germany appeared at the end of the body). The first three colors were replaced by other and currently are sold for crazy money on eBay.

The pen





Safari is made of durable plastic that’s quite scratch resistant. I appreciate the fact that the company doesn’t try to convince anyone that Safari is made of precious resin. This pen can be safely placed in the backpack with keys and nothing serious will happen. The design is minimalistic and entirely functional. The only issue I have with it are mold lines visible on barrels, less so on shiny ones but on matte versions they’re quite distinguished. I know that some people dislike triangular section but for me it’s perfect.




The ink used in writing samples is, of course, Lamy Petrol



Nothing new. Nothing surprising. Lamy has created a brilliant system of exchanging nibs. The nibs can be bought in variety of sizes (from EF to stub 1.9 although black versions are only available in EF-B sizes). For a reasonable amount of money we can try all nib sizes and choose which one works best for us. Opinioons on Lamy nibs quality vary. Personally I enjoy them a lot. It seems Petrol is sold only with fine or medium nib but I have also black broad in the drawer so at the moment I use it. I knew perfectly well what to expect and got exactly that. A very nice and wet nib.

Filling system


The filling system is C/C (aka Cartridge Converter). If you don’t write a book per day the ink volume in cartridge or converter should satisfy your needs throughout regular day in the office. You can use the converter (a converter with a piston, that lets you use bottled ink) if you wish, but this decreases your ink capacity further.


Capped  – 140mm

Uncapped  – 130mm

Weight – 17 g


I still don’t understand why but I have a fondness for Safaris. It’s a true “writer’s pen” that can be taken anywhere without fear of breaking it. It’s one of best choices for those who love to travel and love to write. Becuase it’s available in a wide range of colours and can be equipped with wide array of nib widths, everyone should find something nice. If you like Petrol version don’t wait too long – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Petrol color grew on me. I prefer Dark Lilac and wait impatiently for Khaki or Olive Green but this one will be used as well.



One thought on “Lamy Safari Petrol 2017 LE

  1. “I still can’t explain why people like them (…)” – the power of simplicity 🙂 Like most of the things “Made in Germany”.


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