Jinhao 159 short review

What can you expect from 4$ pen?



A lot, it seems.

Jinhao 159 is a huge and heavy pen. It’s not particularly nice and while it pays “homage” to MB149 there’s just no chance of mistaking the two. This model shows up commonly on fountain pen forums and is described as good choice for a fun fountain pen. I agree. The pen comes in variety of colorful finishes and usually performs well out of the box (or rather plastic sleeve). It has a solid feel and almost gargantuan size. This fountain pen can be easily used in self-defence or as a weapon of mass destruction.




After some time of use and /or abuse first positive impression fadeas a little and some issues become apparent. There are some machining marks visible on the clip. Also metal threads on the section meet plastic threads on the cap and it’s usually not the greatest combination. All in all though for the price it’s very well made.




Jinhao 159 nib is almost as big as shovel and “embellished” with company’s logo. The nib is stainless steel and marked 18 kgp. I doubt it’s gold plated though 🙂 The good thing is this nib performs very well. It’s not the best steel nib that I uased but I think it writes smoothly and in a pleasant way. It gives wet line that could be described as solid european medium. I have never experienced any skipping ot hard starts (and during the years I had few of these pens).

Filling system


It’s cc fountain pen. It comes with converter that does it’s work well. I had no issues with it. I haven’t experienced any leaking from it.



While I’m not really partial to this pen aesthetics I must admit that for the price it’s hard to find better made pen that feels as solid and performs really well. Sure writing for long periods of time with such a big and heavy pen won’t be for everyone but it’s doable.




One thought on “Jinhao 159 short review

  1. I find the Jinhao 159 comfortable to hold in spite of its large size and weight. I have not, however, used it for long writing sessions. While it usually comes with the fine/medium nib you describe, I occasionally find them with broad nibs. I also find they write quite nicely with a replacement #6 nib (Goulet, Knox, etc.) in a stub size. Currently I am using several 159’s to hold Shimmertastic inks, so I don’t tie up my more delicate pens with that ink.

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