Waterman Expert City Line

While nowadays I rarely use Waterman fountain pens I usually recommend them to those interested in getting first “true” fountain pen. My adventure with fountain pens started with battered Waterman Hemisphere that I found on the street. You can’t blame me for the fact I have warm feelings toward the brand.

On second though though I guess I should blame them. I would have much more money if I hadn’t found this pen and started to dig into the hobby.

Waterman Expert is one of two most popular Waterman pens (the other one being Waterman Hemisphere). It’s available in variety of finishes. The one I’m going to present is called City Line and was available in four colors. Differences between different Expert series and lines are mostly cosmetic and limited to lacquer / material finish.




This pen has a classic, simple look that I find appealing. It’s not stunning or unique but I would say it looks rather nice and elegant. The feel in the hand is solid and full metal body gives it a nice heft. The design is fairly simple and classic – the body is thick in the middle and tapers smoothly to each end. The end of the cap has an inset – shiny chrome disk set at a shallow angle. Shiny clip shaped like a man necktie has a slit in the middle. It’s stiff but functional. Personally I never use clips and never post pens chances are you’ll enjoy this one.




The chevron pattern on the barrel isn’t textured. It’s printed (?). It looks nice to my eyes. I think it’s one of better Expert finishes.




Text written with Diamine Sepia on Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. Quote comes from great fantasy (grimdark) book: Before they are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie.


Stainless steel nib performs very well on variety of papers. The nib is marked as fine and I think it’ leaves finer line than Lamy or Pelikan fine nibs. City Line Expert nibs are less minimalistic than Expert III nibs – there’s a hexagon that surrounds the “W” on the nib and “Waterman” name underneath. Personally I don’t think it’s particularly nice nib. It delivers and that’s all that need to be said. Forget aboul line variation and softness, though. This one is rather rigid.

Filling system


Well, Waterman doesn’t experiment a lot with filling systems. Expert line, as most of their pens, uses converters and cartridges.


The pen weighs 30g. It’s 142 mm closed, 126 mm uncapped, 152 mm posted.


Waterman knows how to make a fountain pen. I’ll try to describe Waterman Expert in few words: balanced, with comfortable grip., not too heavy, not too light. Also reliable. I’m prety sure you’ll easily find better pens on the market. On the other hand I believe that Expert line, especially if you’ll find one on sale, offers very good price / what you get ratio. I like this pen. I don’t use is as often as I could but I have way too many fountain pens to play with and this one usually looses with Omas Ogiva Alba or Visconti Opera. Or Sailor Black Luster.

It’s good pen, really. It’s just a little boring 🙂


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