Pelikan m805 Stressman

I almost bought this pen when it was introduced on the market some time ago. While I don’t consider myself Pelikan fan, I think this particular finish looks stunning and it was tempting me a lot. But then Omas Ogiva Alba happened and my plesure budget decreased significantly. Sure, I could still afford some Jinhaos but definitely not Pelikan M805 ūüôā

Anyway the temptation didn’t fade. Every time I looked at the photos I felt I really wanted to get this pen. In December I received information from one of retailers that he has one with medium nib and we can proceed id I’m still interested. I was but before I sent him money I received a package of pens to try from VodnikVolsovecek and there was Pelikan M805 Stressman there. I’m grateful for this loan as it saved me a lot of money.

Pelikan M805 ¬†wasn’t made for me.

I still think it’s nicest Pelikan finish – sadly the section shape and length make this pen almost unusable for me. First things first though.




The anthracite Stresemann stripes on the barrel succeed at giving this pen¬†simple and elegant look.¬†They aren’t as bright and vibrant as one might expect having experience with other M800/M805 series pens. At right angle though, they do look stunning. Add to this the fact that I’m permanently looking for a perfect shade of grey and you’ll understand that pearlescent grey pen that, depending on the light conditions, show a multitude of different shades of grey will make me drool. If you¬†like to know such things – the barrel is made of cellulose acetate and the black parts are derived from resin.

The 805 has silver-plated hardware (as opposed to the 800 series, which has gold-plated fittings), and a semi-transparent barrel. ¬†The pen feels solidly built and choice of materials is great. This pen is well-engineered and well built BUT it’s not perfect. I was surprised to see there are some abrasions on the stripes where the cap meets the barrel. I would expect this pen to be flawless but, evidently, it isn’t as well designed as I expected OR quality control team didn’t check this particular pen.






This I could forgive but there’s another issue I have with this pen. Section. I find it uncomfortable – too chunky and too short. I wholeheartedly dislike this section and, for me, it’s a deal breaker.





The pen I was loaned has fine nib and it’s rather disappointing. There’s some ink starvation issue – I’ve tried few inks in the pen and there was problem of hrd starts with each of them. The line is fine and flat. The line is flat and boring. The only positive is the look of the nib. Apart from that I wouldn’t say it’s writing experience I would expect from 400 $ fountain pen. The nib is reasonably wet and rather smooth but so is my Jinhao 159 nib. I guess this may be due to some inconsistencies in Pelikan offerings and quality control questions that are raised from time to time in the community. All in all I find this nib disappointing.

Filling system


The piston-filling mechanism of Pelikan fountain pens is famous. Not without a reason. It works smoothly, and the pen can hold a generous amount of ink (1,4 ml) inside its body. The piston provides a near full fill with a single stroke and it secures snugly to the back of the barrel.


I still hope one day I’ll find Pelikan that will be enjoyable. I really like the way they look. Sadly I really dislike the way Pelikans feel in the hand. M2XX seires pens are too light and too small for me, M6xx and M8xx were given the section that I find uncomfortable in the hand. It seems like my hands must have some strange design, as most people say Pelikan pens are ergonomic and comfortable.

Not for me guys.

I’m glad I haven’t bought this pen.

If you have experience with Pelikans and find them comfortable M805 Stressman will be great addition to your collection. I think this pen is stunning. Sadly I also find it uncomfortable.




3 thoughts on “Pelikan m805 Stressman

  1. I agree that the grey works wonderfully, this is a quietly handsome and classy pen. I was tempted by the M400 size in this colour myself. But I barely use the Pelikans I already have, except for my grandfather’s 100n. Have you tried one of those?

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