Alfred Dunhill Sentryman

While scrolling through fountain pen boards and blogs you’ll definitely learn more about the market and different brands, some well known, some obscure. It seems that some brands are rather disregarded as a fountain pen makers. Some for good reason, some undeservedly. One of such companies is Alfred Dunhill. Truth is the company isn’t really focused on pens, their core products being lighters and leather goods, but the pens they have in offer are surprisingly good.

I had a chance to try and review Alfred Dunhill Longitude fountain pen some time ago and I think it’s excellent fountain pen. Recently I received other Dunhill creation to try. Thank you VodnikVolsovecek for lending me significant part of your fountain pens collection.





The Sentryman is rather distinctive fountain pen available in variety of finishes: resin, brass, titanium, carbon fiber, soft lacquer. The design of the pen is uncommon. Sure, the clip may make you think about Graf von Faber-Castell but, in my opinion, Dunhill manages to offer something new. It was suggested that the shape of the cap was inspired by British post box. There may be some truth to this claim. Here’s what Dunhill marketing team has to say about the design:

“Bold, uncomplicated and masculine, Sentryman’s simplicity of structure lends it a modern spirit whilst its defining detail looks back to a classic British design for inspiration. The distinctive architecture of the pen cap is evocative of the flat tops of Britain’s tradition pillar boxes- a witty and unique feature that lends Sentryman its inimitable and idiosyncratic style.” Dunhill Writing Instruments (n.d.): 3. Web. 11 Dec. 2015.

It sounds reasonable but let’s take a look at the pen anyway.





The cap is sturdy and has unproportionally big dioameter compared to the barrel. The cap includes a spring loaded clip that extends up to 1cm, allowing it to attach onto a wide range of thin or thick materials without the clip becoming bent or loose due to long periods of tension. It feels well engineered and is functional. It may bear some resemblance to Graf von Faber-Castell clips.

Metal section is slick and comfortable. Personally I like metal sections a lot. In case you dislike them this one won’t probably change you. The overall design doesn’t work for me. Cap is nice. Barrel would be nice if they didn’t add this black plastic thing at the end of it. It just looks cheap.

Also these elements brought together don’t work well.  When I look at this pen I experience strange sensation – I like individual elements but I dislike them combined in one pen.





Dunhill uses Namiki nibs. They’re good. Very, very good. Let me say it shortly – this nib is simply stunning.

FIlling system

International standard cartridges or converter. Works well.


Well, as usually in this section the question arises whether this pen is worth significant amount of money it costs? If you have a lot of money to spend and you are currently looking for a fancy fountain pen this one may be a candidate to relieve you of excess of savings. Made out of carbon fiber  it does look nice and is well engineered. The nib is great, writing experience and pen-to-paper performance are satisfying. On the other hand I don’t buy this design. To me the cap is to broad compared to the barrel and plastic “nipple” at the end of the barrel makes the design ridicolous.

While I enjoy writing with the pen and I consider that single elemets are well made and deisgned, they just don’t work well together .


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