Inti – L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Ink

L’Artisan Pastellier is french ink / calligraphy materials producers. They offer two lines of inks suitable for fountain pens: Callifolio (inks made for fountain pens, neutral PH and so on) and Encres Classiques.


L’Artisan Pastellier inks don’t get much love or attention here. I understand this as they’re not easily obtainable. You may buy them directly from the producer’s on-line/stationery boutique.

L’Artisan Pastellier inks cab be bought in nice triangular glass bottles (40 ml), packs alu (60 ml) and small bottles (30 ml). The 36 colors are:

  1. Anahuac
  2. Andrinople
  3. Aurora
  4. Bleu Atlantique
  5. Bleu Azur
  6. Bleu Equinoxe 5
  7. Bleu Equinoxe 6
  8. Bleu Mediterrannee
  9. Bleu Pacifique
  10. Bleu Ultramarine
  11. Baikal
  12. Bonne Esperance
  13. Bordeaux
  14. Bosphore
  15. Botany bay
  16. Bourgogne
  17. Byzance
  18. Cannelle
  19. Cassis
  20. Grenat
  21. Gris de Payne
  22. Havane
  23. Heure Doree
  24. Inca Sol
  25. Inti
  26. Itzamna
  27. Noir
  28. Oconto
  29. Ohlanga
  30. Olifants
  31. Olivastre
  32. Omi Osun
  33. Sepia
  34. Teodora
  35. Violet
  36. Yalumba

Let’s start with a name.


The ink was named after Inti -the ancient Incan sun god. He is revered as the national patron of the Inca state. Although most consider Inti the sun god, he is more appropriately viewed as a cluster of solar aspects, since the Inca divided his identity according to the stages of the sun. Worshiped as a patron deity of the Inca Empire, he is of unknown mythological origin. The most common story says that he is the son of Viracocha, the god of civilization.

Inti used to be my favorite ink. It was before I got to know Sailor inks better, Such an experience changes a lot.

Still, I think that Inti is worth attention, especially if you use wet nibs. For example in wet medium nib of Omas Paragon it displays awesome shading and looks very well. Depending on the pen and paper combination you use the final effect may vary. In driest pest you’ll feel the ink lacks lubrication, in wetter ones the flow will be smooth and consistent.

I haven’t experiences any kind of misbehavior with this ink – no bleedthrough or feathering, even on papers where most other inks tend to feather. No hard starts, no clogging. This inks are perfectly safe for vintage pens that use sacks.

The ink tends to grow darker if you leave the pen uncapped for a while, but it’ll start even after 2-3 minutes of pause and that’s something I appreciate in inks performance.

Ink splash

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Color ID

Color range

Tomoe River, Kaweco Sport, double broad

Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco Sport, double broad

Kokuyo Myo, Geha Goldschwing, medium nib

No-name notebook, Omas Paragon, medium nib

Water resistance


2 thoughts on “Inti – L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Ink

  1. Thank you for this great review and the awesome photos.

    I want to thank you for something very specific, too: I love that you include the colour ID! No one else does that, at least not that I know.

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