Sherwood Green – Diamine

Manufacturers since 1864, Diamine Inks relocated to this purpose built ‘state of the art’ factory in Liverpool in 1925, where they successfully carried on using the traditional methods and formulas for ink production. Over the years the company has changed hands and are now located close to the world famous Aintree Race Course



Sherwood Green is wet and saturated dark green ink. In flex pens the shading will be dramatic. In regular nibs it will be still visible. Basically the ink behaves well however it’s not smudge resistant. If your hands tend to be sweaty you risk to smudge text written with Sherwood Green.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Software ID

Color range

Tomoe River – Kaweco Classic Sport, broad nib

Leuchtturm 1917 – Kaweco AL Sport, broad nib

Clairefontaine, Lamy Al-Star, broad nib

Rhodia, Nakaya Long Cigarr, medium nib

Water resistance (10 sec under current water)


2 thoughts on “Sherwood Green – Diamine

  1. For some reason this is a color I just could not love. I inked one pen out of an 80ML bottle and then gave it as a bonus to one of my giveaway winners. I was looking for the lovely sheen that people say it produces but could never get it to do so. Hopefully they have better luck!


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