Platinum Plaisir Nova Orange

Platinum Plaisir fountain pen is not impressive on first look. It’s not particularly sophisticated or trully nice – the pen has a glossy finish and sturdy aluminum construction. And yet, despite all this, Platinum Plaisir appears frequently in “Recommend me entry level pen” threads. Not without a reason, I guess. Actually, I don’t have to guess. I can confirm that it’s a great starter fountain pen as long as you don’t expect it to write by itself and that it’s beauty will make you cry.


As I enjoy orange color I’ve chosen Nova Orange finish that looks appealing to my eyes. The pen comes also in other finishes:


The pen comes without any packaging. The body and cap of are made of a light-weight and durable anodized aluminum. While it’s definitely not beautiful fountain pen, it looks much better than polycarbonate Preppy. The finish is fairly scratch-resistant and as there is quite a few color finishes to choose almost everyone will find something for themselves. What’s important is the fact this finish should last quite some time. Pearl finish may be considered flashy by some but I don’t mind it. It’s ok.


The cap of the Plaisir has a special design that, in theory, allows the pen to sit for a long time without any use safely without causing ink evaporation. It works. You can leave Plaisir in you backpack for a month, then just uncap it and start writing smoothly and without any skipping .
A clear plastic grip section allows to see the feed and the ink within the fountain pen. It looks fun.
I like the fact there’s not a lot of branding on the pen – only around the hideous chrome band on the bottom of the cap.



This nib can make you a believer is stainless steel nibs. It’s not perfect, it doesn’t offer any line variation and it’s definitely not the best nib I used. However it’s very smooth – I prefer it to Pilot Metropolitan or Kaweco nibs. It always writes. Out of the box, without tuning or nicro-meshing. The nib and feed can be easily removed from the section – cleaning of this pen is easy.

Filling system


Prioprietary C/C filling system. Contrary to Platinum Preppy it shouldn’t be turned to an eyedropper. The metal barrel of the Plaisir may chemically react with an ink and, potentially, corrode. So it leaves us with limited choice – personally I just fill the cartridge with the syringe. If however you prefer to use converter you must be ready to may 50 % of the pen’s proce for it. Swell.


Platinum Plaisir is an interesting pen. While not really nice, it deserves it’s place in top ten or even top five recommendations for potential fountain pen users (my usual recommendations are Lamy Sari / Al-Star, Kaweco Sport Classic / Skyline, Faber-Castell Basic and Pilot Metropolitan). For a reasonable price (between 10-20$ depending where you buy it) the pen offers great pen-to-paper performance and is durable. Also Platinum Slip and Seal mechanism works perfectly well and keeps the ink fresh and ready to flow from the nib even after prolonged time of hibernation in the drawer.


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