Edo-murasaki – Pilot Iroshizuku Tokyo LE ink

In December 2007 Pilot’s created exclusive line of inks called Iroshizuku. I believe they may well be the most well known fountain pen inks in pen world. These inks are supposed to work in any pen with any nib on any paper and in any situation. I haven’t tried all of them but so far the Iroshizuku inks I’ve tried were behaving flawlessly.

The colors were created by Kiyomi Hasegawa who after fifteen years of working in a stationary shop and communicating with Clients come to conclusion that not all fountain pen users are willing to write in black and blue. Wise woman.

The bottles are stunning although they have their issues: if the ink is left unused for some time the cap tends to stick and break when you try to twist it open. It happened to my bottle of Shin-Ryoku.

Anyway Iroshizuku line of inks counts 24 “standard” colors. Three inks were made some time ago for Tokyo stores: Edo-Murasaki, Fukagawa-Nezu and Shimbashi-Iro. Recently they were reissued to the japanese market. Thanks to Tinnjapan’s help I was able to get a threepack of 15 ml bottles. I’ve played with the inks for few days (since monday) and I will share my reflexions with you.

The inks can be bought in 50 ml glass bottles and in 15 ml bottles. Threepack comes in a plastic box.



Tonight we’ll take a look at


It seems it’s one of traditional japan colors. It has it’s hex codes and all.

Recently I’m at the stage of purple madness. I write a lot in purple, mostly Lamy’s Dark Lilac. I was excited to try Edo-murasaki. I finally filled three pens with it, started writing and…And I’m disappointed.

The color isn’t bad but it’s not super-exciting either. The thing that bothers me is the fact this ink feels drier than most iroshizuku inks. In my Al Sport broad nib (it’s dry writer) the writing with this ink gives no fun. The lubrication is average. It doesn’t feather but it changes nothing. I preder using Lamy Dark Lilac or Diamine Tyrian Purple.


Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Software ID

Color range

Tomoe River, Wahl-Eversharp Doric, medium nib

Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, eyedropper mode, broad nib

Kokuyo Campus Myo, Wahl-Eversharp Doric, medium nib

Water resistance


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