Miles Davis Jazz Blue LE ink

I believe Montblanc company doesn’t need introduction here. Each year Montblanc offers few LE inks. Their evil-minded marketing team creates interesting colors that soon become unavailable. Not all of them are great but almost all of LE ink become sought after after they’re gone and are sold for outrageous prices.

Personally I have mixed feelings about idea of LE inks but I enjoy some of them a lot. Montblanc LE red inks were great (Winter Glow can easily concur with Maruzen Nihombashi Akane; it’s not the same and but still amazing). Sometimes though, Montblanc LE inks leave you with unanswered question – WTF?

One of such strange creatures is new Miles Davis Jazz Blue Ink. I’m not really into jazz music although I find Panthalassa and Panthalassa remixes by Bill Laswell amazing piece of music. I can’t help but imagine Master Davis asking himself What on Earth does this pale blue has in common with my jazz music?

You see – whatever your taste in music is like you’ll admit that MIles Davis music didn’t lack character. Montblanc Jazz Blue ink lacks character. It’s pale, boring,  and flat.

That’s the way you pay hommage to a genius

If however you use wet nibs and enjoy subdued colors you may actually enjoy it. The ink behaves pretty well – it’s quite wet and the flow is rather nice. I’ve tried it in five pens and in all of them except for Platinum Preppy 0.2 mm the flow was satisfying. Saturation is low. The ink doesn’t offer water resistance.

If you collect MB inks, enjoy pale colors (that remain legible in most situations) you may consider getting this one. On the other hand if you look for premium performance in premium priced inks this one is not worthy (of your time and money). The choice is yours 🙂


Ink splash

Drops of ink on kitchen towel

Software ID

Color range

Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, broad nib

Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, broad nib

Oxford, Hero 9300, medium nib

Oxford Hero 5280, stub 1,5

Copy paper, Hero 9300, medium nib

Water resistance


One thought on “Miles Davis Jazz Blue LE ink

  1. Well said. I suspect you don’t the color light blue, and it is an unusual color for an ink, but I’ve used a few and have come to enjoy them. I do like how this ink looks on your white paper, and I love MB inks, but I’ll skip this one.

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