Alfred Dunhill Longitude Perpetual Calendar AD2000 LE fountain pen

I was never interested in Dunhill pens. Mainly due to lack of knowledge. I would probably remain ignorant of this brand if vodnikvolsovecek wouldn’t lend me another batch of pens to try. All the pens were packed in nice and big Dunhill Longitude box so I’ll start by reviewing it first.


The pen comes packed in a nice gift box with two drawers. There’s a book in it and a pen.

The pen




Designwise the pen combines classic torpedo shape with modern looks (polished metal). The lines are clean and the pen could be called minimalistic if only Dunhill decided to stick with clean metal looks. They didn’t – there are some ornamentations like built-in perpetual calendar and false gem on the clip. Basically the pen is well designed, elegant and almost classy. Almost because I strongly dislike “jewels” like the one set in the clip.





The fit and finish is simply superb – brushed surface finish is partly gloss and partly matte. The cap screws on and off smoothly and silently and can be securely posted if that’s your preference. Because the inside of the cap is made of plastic there should be no risk of scratching the barrel.

Once you look at the section you’ll spot sudden step in diameter between the barrel and the section. Because I have medium / medium-small hands and I always pens very close to the nib it’s not an issue for me. I can imagine however that those who tend to hold pens closer to the barrel may find it disturbing.

There’s also this funky clip – it’s retractable. Bu turning the top of the cap you can secure the pen when clipped to your pocket – the clip goes up and down while you rotate the knob at the top of the cap.




Before putting pen to paper for the first time I didn’t know what to expect from Dunhill. After doing it for a while I sat and thought to myself that I missed a lot. This nib is superb. I think it’s the smoothest nib I’ve ever used, even more so tham my medium Omas Ogiva Alba nib. The 18k nib was made by Pilot and that clarifies things a little although none of Pilot nibs I’ve tried so fat was that smooth. The nib is small and quite elegant with part of it being matte. Seriously guys this is one of the best nibs I’ve ever used.

Filling system


The pen uses Pilot converter and cartridge system. The included converter is a rebranded Pilot Con70 with a plunger button and a black finish. This filling system, while not really exciting, is convenient, easy to clean and works well.


While I don’t fully enjoy the design because – for me – perpetual calendar and false jewel in the clip spoil clean lines I’m impressed by the quality of construction and writing performance of this pen. The nib is simply stellar. Sure, it’s expensive and heavy pen, it won’t suit everyone’s taste. Personally I would call it almost perfect pen in terms of weight and pen-to-paper performance. Sadly the jewel in the clip and integrated perpetual calendar are deal breakers for me.


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