Fantastic Paper bicolor notebook

One of FPNers – namrehsnoom – uses Fantastic Paper notebook in his excellent ink reviews. I was interested in trying this paper and by chance I spotted it in local TK Maxx for 20% of MSRP. It was a good deal so I’ve grabbed it and started using it.

The notebook I bought is a part of Color Collection of bicolored notebooks with larger volume and Swiss binding, flexible soft-touch cover and premium paper. The company claims that Fantasticpaper is more than a notebook – it’s a design object for everyday use. Well, I can agree that the notebook is nice and feels good in the hand.




Designwise I enjoy the way notebook looks like. Also it’s really comfortable to use. The materials used to make the notebook give a feel of good quality. The paper is thick but is it really as fantastic for fountain pen users as the name would suggest?






Well – it’s not bad but because it’s absorbent paper some inks will feather on it in a crazy way (check my review of Noodler’s Plymouth Wilderness), and some inks, especially drier ones don’t allow you to get great feeling from writing on it.

I would say it may be great paper for sketching and using pencil but for fountain pen use japanese papers are much better.


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