Kaweco Sport Classic Kognac SE

When you think about pocket pens chances are the first name that comes to your mind will be Kaweco Sport. The size ant the shape of this pens is almost iconic and the Sport series is rather popular in the community. I think that it’s second most popular fountain pen on polish fountain pen boards (the other one being Lamy Al-Star). Personally I have five Sports that I use mostly for ink reviews / tests.
I don’t think they’re particularly well made but I enjoy compact sice and possibility to use them as eyedroppers and the ease with which I can clean the pen and change the ink. Also, they’re quite handy. So far I’ve managed to accumulate five modern Sports: one demo Classic, two Skylines (burgundy and white), one AL and Seitz-Kreuznach special edition called Kognac.
I find the color of the barrel very nice and it’s quite possible others will find it interesting as well. The main thing to remember before buying new Kaweco Sport is the fact that you get what you pay for. It’s cheap pen and it’s cheaply made. It doesn’t ooze quality. Once you don’t expect miracles you’ll be able to enjoy what this pen has to offer.
The packaging is nothing special, really. The pen comes in a simple cardboard box and it’s protected by a plastic sleeve. Once you take the pen out you’ll find one blue cartridge inside the body. Kaweco doesn’t add converter or a clip to their budget pens – you have to pay for them some extra dollars.
Overall impressions
The design is rather simple and rather unique. Personally I find older Sport much nicer and shapely. There’s not a lot of adornments on a plastic transparent body except for engraved Kaweco Sport logo and metal medallion on top of the cap. While I don’t really like gold trim I think in this case it fits the barrel very well and looks pleasant to the eye. The barrel is transparent and for me it’s a plus.
The cap is screw cap and can be puszed to post on the pen. Some people may find it comfortable to write with the Sport uncapped but I’m not one of them. Actually it’s the only fountain pen that I use posted. The pen is really tiny when uncapped. The cap stays on the end of the barrel securely and it requires applying some force to pull it straight off. Sadly as the plastic used to make the pen is of low quality some scratches on the barrel appear fast with time and use of the pen – after two or three weeks of writing with the pen little and medium lines became visible on the barrel in the place where the threads touch when the pen is posted. I can live with them as Sport is for me mostly utilatarian pen and I don’t find much aesthetic value in it.
Ink: J. Herbin Eclat de Saphire, quote from great book that I highly recommend: Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft
As I’ve mentioned I have five Sports – three with broad nib, one with double broad and one with medium. My first Sport had stunning buttery smooth nib that I find amazing after three years of abuse. Sadly the other three nibs were dry and / or scratchy out of the box and each of them needed some micromesh treatment in order to write the way I like it. People say Kaweco improved their quality control but in my experience nothing changed. One month ago I’ve bought another Skyline and the nib was very dry and unpleasant to use. I needed to work on it to make it tolerable. That’s a shame, really.
Medium nib in this particular SE fountain pen was too dry to my taste and needed some tuning as well. At the moment it writes well, but in my opinion Kaweco should really check their nibs more often.
Filling system
I hope one day we’ll be able to see modern and reasonably priced Kaweco Sport piston-filler. At the moment though once you get the pen you can choose three options of filling it:
  1. Cartridge – international cartridge can always be filled with syringe with the ink of your choice. Personally I rarely use cartridged.
  2. Kaweco converter – you have to pay for it and, frankly, it sucks.
  3. Eye-dropper – this is the way I fill my Sports (except fot AL Sport that’s made of metal and that I use it with cartridge). Just put some silicone grease on the threads and fill the barrel of your pen with ink. During three years of using Kaweco Classic Sport as eye-dropper I have never experienced ink leaking.
Capped: 105 mm
Uncapped: 100 mm
Posted: 132 mm
After reaing this review some of you may think I’m not thrilled with the pen but it’s not the case. I’m huge Kaweco Sport fan but I don’t think it’s a great pen. It has quite few drawbacks and it’s good to mention them and know about them before actually buying one. The pen is cheaply made, there are quality issues with the nibs that as I see it weren’t adressed by producer. On the other hand when someone asks me for cheap fountain pen recommendation I have three recommendations and Sport is one of those. It’s perfect for every day use, it’s comfortable, handy and light. If you’re lucky and there’s no baby-bottom on the nib it writes very well. Also metal version that I may review in the future if, for me, perfect every day pen.
As fot Seitz-Kreuznach special edition I really enjoy it’s color and I’m glad to have it among other Sports. It’s not high-end pen and the materials aren’t most durable or special. On the other hand it’s a convenient and comfortable workhorse pen taht, when tuned, writes very well. I plan to acquire another Sport soon – it’ll be orange AC Sport with broad nib. It looks simply stunning.

3 thoughts on “Kaweco Sport Classic Kognac SE

  1. Thank you for another great review and all the great photos!

    Having about 20 KaWeCo Sports (I am one of those completists who need them in every colour available 😉 mostly with extra fine or fine nibs, I would say that the broader nibs seem to be more problematic than the finer ones. Except on the one B nib I have I never had an issue with the nibs nor with the ink flow. I usually take out the nib and feed (these are firction fit), grabbing them with a towel or tissue paper (hand oil can cause ink flow issues, too!) to wash them with warm-ish water before using them for the first time. Make sure the nib is centered above the feed by looking into the little hole on top of the nib that shows the little ridge of the feed, it should line up with the nib slit. Flushing normally improves the ink flow a lot, and this is also a good way to clean your pen completely esp. when using sticky inks. (I am sure you know, but someone may not have dared doing so.)

    As I said, among my many Sports I only have had one dud, so I think one can recommend these pens wholeheartedly.

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