Yama-dori Sailor Jentle Ink

In 1911, Mr. Kyugoro Sakata, an engineer from Hiroshima in Japan, was introduced to the fountain pen. Mr. Sakata was so intrigued by the design and function of the pen he decided to begin a company to craft the finest writing instruments in the world. In honor of his British friend, he chose to name the company Sailor Pen.

The Sailor Pen Company has maintained this heritage of quality and technical perfection over the years. Apart from offering very well made pens, the company has employed an ink master – pure genius who’s managed to create greates fountain pen inks ever (it’s my opinion not validated by research but shared by many of us). I would guess that during the years Sailor created approximately 600-800 inks (most of them under other names).

One of internatioonally available line of Sailor inks is Sailor Jentle line. At the moment we have two of them. The older one (2014? I’m not sure) has eight colors:

  1. Doyou
  2. Miruai
  3. Nioi-sumire
  4. Oku-yama
  5. Shigure
  6. Souten
  7. Tokiwa-matsu
  8. Yama-dori

Today I’ll say few words about


From a utilatarian perspective, this is a very well-behaved ink that dries relatively fast, doesn’t feather and cleans rather easily. It shades a lot, even in finer nibs. Also it has strong sheen that some people adore. Personally I rarely care about sheen so it does nothing to me. There’s a lso the color – well if you like blue-greens chances are you’ll enjoy yama-dori a lot. As I mostly dislike blue – greens I’m not really thrilled. It was ok in my Lamy 2000 medium nib, but in most pens I rather dislike it.
Drops of ink on kitchen towel
Software ID
Color range
Tomoe River, kaweco Classic Sport, broad nib
Leuchtturm1917, kaweco Classic Sport, broad nib
Kokuyo Campus Myo, Lamy Al-Star, stub 1,5
CIAK, Lamy 2000, medium nib
Water resistance

One thought on “Yama-dori Sailor Jentle Ink

  1. I’m with you 100% about Yama-dori. I gave my bottle away. To add injury to insult, mine stained a Pilot converter permanently. This was a few years ago when the ink first came out, so maybe it’s less saturated now and less stain-prone.

    As an aside, I can’t figure out the craze for sheen. Shh, don’t tell. 🙂

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