Perun – Przemysław Marciński handmade fountain pen

KWZ inks became recognizable brand in fountain pen ink niche market. I’m glad this is the case as not only Mr and MS KWZ are nice people, they also know what they’re doing and they’re doing it very well. I enjoy their inks and I must admit it’s nice to have polish product appreciated worldwide. We may not have car industry but we make good inks 🙂

Apart from having one ink maker in the country, we also have one custom fountain pen maker – Przemysław Marciński. I’ve discovered his website few years ago and was very impressed with fountain pens he presented. I suspected he was some kind of Mage


Imagine my surprise when I meet him three years ago during Polish Pen Show and he didn’t wear purple robes or pointed hat. I was disappointed. But then we started speaking and I discovered he was trully pasionnate about pens and artisanal work. Also, looking at his first creations I had to admit the guy was skilled. Quite a lot of people were drawed toward the table on which he displayed few acrylic pens, all well made and colorful.

Last year Przemek was chosen to create a fountain pen for users of polish fountain pen board The design was debated upon between an artist and mods and finally Perun was born. Only 48 pieces were made. Well, it’s not really truth. There were also special Peruns made from color ebonite (only five of them I believe).


In Slavic mythology, Perun is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning. He was first associated with weapons made of stone and later with those of metal. Slavic tribes believed that fossil guards of belemnites found in the ground were actually Perun’s arrowheads.


Perun boasts a simple, clean design clearly inspired by the fossil.

The pen is clipless and made of black ebonite. The only other design elements visible on the closed Perun are the pen numbers (mine is 07/48). When you uncap the pen you’ll see a section. Section of this pen could be chosen in few colors (1. Cumberland, 2. Briar, 3. Denim Blue, 4. Sand, 5. Aubergine, 6. Black).

I’ve chosen Sand but that was a mistake. Cumberland and Briar look much better. Sand would be great material to make whole pen with it. The most popular one was black, least popular cumberland. Here’s the summary of 48 people’s choices:

Construction, feel and quality

I like this pen as it looks appealing to me designwise but also is pretty reliable in most situations. One exception is being knocked aroung the bag with keys and other heavy objects – for such adventures I have Jinhao x750 and Kaweco AL Sport. Both halves of Perun are of equal length.The cap screws smoothly onto ebonite threads. I remember that in one of interviews Brian Grey mentioned that doing good threads was the hardest skill to master in this craft. I suspect that before one is able to create well working threads some gazillion of acrylic blocks is destroyed. ANyway Przeek mastered this skill and the threads work fine.

The pen is rather light. As I enjoy heavier pens I was surprised by how light it actually felt in the hand. It can’t be really capped. I don’t mind as I never cap pens but some poeple do and they won’t be happy 🙂

The nib

Well, the nib on this one is regular JoWo stub 1,1. I knew what to expect, I’m not disappointed but it’s not the best nib ever created. Also I’m not the biggest fan of stock nibs design – I would really enjoy to see some logo on them. The nib on this one was available in all sizes (EF, F, M, B, 1.1 and 1.5). The nib writes a smooth line and is always ready for action – I haven’t experienced any kind of ink starvation in this pen. It’s fairly wet but I plan to improve flow on this one a bit. I prefer crazy wet pens.

Filling system

Schmidt converter or cartridges (both long and short). Nothing exciting here.


Capped – 155 mm

Uncapped – 135 mm

Weight – 18 g


This pen is handmade and the craftsmanship is top notch. As most other handmade fountain pens it wasn’t cheap – I’ve paid 125 $ for it and it was a special deal because the order was bigger. While I really enjoy this pen I do realise you can easily buy great fountain pens for less (Lamy 2000, Pilot Custom Heritage 92 etc). Personally I enjoy unique things and artisanal products. They are not, however, for every one. I perfectlu understand why someone would rather choose Pelikan or Waterman or Platinum or Pilot or other fountain pen.

On the other hand if you collect custom made fountain pens and appreciate quality I would encourage you to take a look at Przemek creations. Maybe one of them will appeal to you or maybe you have some crazy idea and look for someone who would make it real?


4 thoughts on “Perun – Przemysław Marciński handmade fountain pen

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this pen maker. His site is quite nice, and I enjoyed seeing his work, I hope there is a group buy some time that I can participate in, I love the pen you got.

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  3. Inks and fountain pens : now, in Poland, you have both to continue writing your history, histories. It is just the begining of a great adventure. Congratulations and thank you for you review, full of poesie. Mythology, fairy tales refere to this beautiful craftmanship fountain pens.
    Only lovers of inks and fountain pens can create them,
    lovers of writing talk the best about them.
    In Poland, you definitely have both for prospering into this ways !

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