Faber-Castell e-Motion pearwood

Let’s start with the end of the review, why don’t we? Get it over with and move on to more interesting things.
Faber-Castell e-Motion is great pen, worth every penny you pay for it.
The end
But you need some context, so let’s start again.
First, a personal thought. There is a thing I find irresistible in most Faber-Castell and Graf von Faber-Castell designs. Some of them are strange, some elegant but they’re all, mostly, unique. Also they all, mostly, work for me. While I don’t really like the way Faber-Castell Basic looks like, I think it’s great entry-level pen.
Faber-Castell e-Motion on the other hand not only looks well, it also performs well. In this price range it’s one of more interesting choices. Not everyone will enjoy it, but the ones who’ll actually try it, will remeber this pen for unusual design and great pen-to-paper performance.
I’ll agree that this pen looks odd. After analyzing pictures some people may wonder if it’s possible to use this pen comfortably for more than few minutes, if at all. I was asking the same question to myself before buying e-Motion. After using the pen for a while I can assure you it’s not only possible, it’s also enjoyable.

The Faber-Castell fountain pens come in a rather minimalist and elegant white cardboard box with the Faber-Castell logo printed on it in silver. A small brown leather strap that is attached to the sides of the box serves for pulling out the slider. After opening the box, the pen is revealed.

Chunky, almost cigar-shaped, this pen sits comfortably in the hand. High-gloss metal in combination with warm brown pearwood looks and feels modern and elegant. Sure, this pen is rather heavy. It has to – there’s a lot of metal parts in it. This makes it feel solid and the weight is perfectly balanced. Of course if your preferred pens are the likes of Pelikan M200 you’ll find this one too heavy.
The clip is spring loaded and feels strong without being overly tight. The cap is heavy and has interesting curves that for some will look gracefull, while for others simply odd. I enjoy them.



I’ve made a mistake with this one. I’ve decided that I have too many mediums and broads and it would be good to have some fine nibs in the collection. I should have known this wasn’t meant to work for me. Sure this nib writes perfectly well. It doesn’t skip, the inkflow is consistent, there’s no scratchiness to it. Also the nib looks nice – the nib does not have a breather hole, and features “golf ball” dimpling across the nib’s face. Still – it’s just too fine for my taste. I’ll need to find a way to exchange it for medium or broad.
Filling system
e-Motion is C/C pen. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing exciting here. The system works well and is easy to clean. It’s also quite boring (but functional).
Closed – 137 mm
Uncapped – 117 mm
 Weight: 51 g
Weight -57 g
I really enjoy this pen. It combines wood and metal, materials I trully enjoy. It feels great in my hand. In order to be more objective I think that for some people this design won’t work due to the pen unusual shape and hefty weight. For me, though, this design works very well.

6 thoughts on “Faber-Castell e-Motion pearwood

  1. I have two of these, pearwood and white parquet, that I got for $30 each thanks to Frau Martini. I must admit that I don’t find them comfortable to write with, but I hang onto them because they’re just so nice to look at. Especially the wooden models, with the chrome they are beautiful. Also, the pen makes a lovely paperweight.

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  2. I agree with you all the best steel nibs come from FC…. however the black nib of my E-motion was a dry writer and moreover for me the pen is certainly not meant for long writing sessions…. it gets uncomfortable over the long writing sessions…

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  3. I have the same pearwood as above , initially in medium, but I had to switch to broad. A good decision on my part since the medium was a tad too dry needing constant re-priming. I never looked back since. I also converted the metal polished end to satin finish to prevent the cap falling off if posted. Writing with it posted balances the over all weight in my hand.

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