Pacific Dawn at the Golden Gate – Noodler’s ink review

Noodler’s is one man show. The company was created in 2004 (?) by Nathan Tardiff who single-handedly sustain all company’s operations. I admire his creativity and willingness to experiment, innovate offer things other producers won’t.

I’ve received a sample of this ink from Lord Epic (thank you!). I’ll try to review it well but bear in mind I have mixed feelings about this one.

Let’s start with the name and concept behind the ink. The ink was prepared for SF Pen Show. Here’s the link to reddit post in which one of redditors shares Nathan Tardiff email describing the ink in following words:

Dear San Francisco,
August 25, 2016

“Pacific Dawn at the Golden Gate” is an attempt to depict San Francisco Bay in a fountain pen ink. The bay is often a deep and dark blue, and briefly is surrounded by the red of the dawn which is enhanced by the color of the bay bridge. At the paper fiber level one can see the boarders of the line and many high points of the paper structure that are red, and in a more explicit demonstration the red has migrated with the flow of water in a paper towel to show the ink’s “bridge”. (see photos of both attached)

The written line is a very conservative royal blue with only an occasional hint of red when used with italic and flex nibs on some paper grades. Most of the time it is just fine for any contract or serious business application, yet within it can be released an unexpected bi-color effect in certain circumstances. It is hoped those attending the San Francisco Pen Show might find this ink both quietly entertaining in its properties and utilitarian in its durability.

Nathan Tardif,

CEO and Founder Noodler’s Ink Co., LLC Massachusetts”

The man has its way with words, that’s sure :)So basically this ink doesn’t want to be purple but wants to include red component into blue base. I’m not sure if it’s done in a succesfull way. In sample vial and on the nib the ink looks blueish:



On paper however it fastly turns into Blue/Black or Blueeish-grey or greyishblue with some reddish acents. I’m not sure I enjoy the result. The ink is extremelly wet. It simply gushes out of pen. On most papers it behaves decently but it can cause strong feathering on absorbent ones (Leuchtturm 1997).

It’s water resistant. After soaking in water blue/black mask is washed out and what stays on the page is blueish.


Ink splash


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic, B




Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic, B




Oxford, Jinhao 599, M








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