Click Glare fountain pen review

I like piston-fillers. I like greens. I enjoy experimenting. When I saw cheap green piston-filler on eBay, I didn’t hesitate. I pulled the trigger and g got one of indian Click fountain pens. On photos it looked decently. In person it looks worse than that.

Some of indian producers look for inspiration in Europe. When you take a look at Click glare you won’t have to think hard to guess what pen inspired it. Click Glare is a Pelikan wannabe.

In this case good intentions aren’t enough.






Green transparent body doesn’t look bad. This particular shade of green looks well to my eyes. While I’m not really golden trim enthusiast, I think this combination works well. Golden plating is average. Basically the pen could be considered as shapely if only the clip would look better and – most of all – if this hideous CLICK font wasn’t on the barrel. Yes, I know, branding matters but please, have some mercy. This looks really bad.



Click Glare is decently made pen. Plastic barrel is pleasant to touch and feels solid. Piston-filling mechanism works smoothly. The clip is rigid but as I don’t use clip at all it bears no importance to me.




This nib writes very well. It’s smooth and gives little feedback. I would describe it as european fine. From what I\ve heard quality control may be an issue in this pens but it seems I was lucky.

Filling System


Piston-filling mechanism works well.


I bought this pen out of curiosity. It’s not bad pen, especially for those who consider getting their first piston-filling pen. Sure, you may look for vintage Reform, Senator, Tropen or Geha pens and they’ll be much better but, probably, more expensive. Given that this pen can be bought for approximately 10 $ (shipment included – if you’re lucky) it’s fairly good deal. It will never shine in the collection but can be considered as aesthetically challenged work-horse pen.



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