Brun Ours – L’Artisan Pastellier Encre Classique

L’Artisan Pastellier is french ink / calligraphy materials producers. They offer two lines of inks suitable for fountain pens: CALLIFOLIO (inks made for fountain pens, neutral PH and so on) and ENCRES CLASSIQUES (not all of them may have perfect properties however I’ve tried most of them and had no issues in my fountain pens).

L’Artisan Pastellier inks don’t get much love or attention here. I understand this as they’re not easily obtainable. You may buy them directly from the producer’s on-line/stationery boutique. The best thing to do is to organize group buy (I’ve done it twice last year for polish sountain pen board). It’s nice thing to do – you get to meet a lot of people to exchange inks and the shipment cost becomes really friendly.

Brun Ours is muted brown ink from Encres Classique line. I enjoy it a lot because of its muted, vintage looks. It’s not really waterproof, but it has some water resistance. The flow is nice, saturation is moderated. Basically if we would speak just about fluid properties it’s nothing interesting or exceptional. In terms of color however Brun Ours is quite unique. I think it could be compared to Rohrer & Klingner Sepia opr Standardgraph Feigenbraun, inks I enjoy a lot.


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID




 Oxford notebook – TWSBI 580, stub 1,1




Franklin-Christoph notebook – TWSBI 580, stub 1,1



Copy paper – TWSBI 580, stub 1,1


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