William Shakespeare Velvet Red – Montblanc Le Ink


I believe Montblanc company doesn’t need introduction here. Each year Montblanc offers few LE inks. Their evil-minded marketing team creates interesting colors that soon become unavailable. Not all of them are great but almost all of LE ink become sought after after they’re gone and are sold for outrageous prices.

Personally I have mixed feelings about idea of LE inks but I enjoy some of them a lot. Montblanc LE red inks were great (Winter Glow can easily concur with Maruzen Nihombashi Akane; it’s not the same and but still amazing). When I heard the name Velvet Red and Shakespeare I thought it might be something amazing and was eager to try it. Nikaa gave me a sample so here’s what I think based on short adventure with this ink.

Velvet Red has nice and dark color but I expected redder ink. Personally I thing that Corn poppy Red is better ink – it has deeper color, better flow and lubrication and more depth. That doesn’t mean I dislike Velvet Red. Quite the contrary – I think it’s interesting color, kind of deep Blood – red shade leaning toward brown. It writes ok in mosr pen but is rather on drier side. It can cause some feathering on bad quality paper (and on new Leuchtturm 1917 frid paper – sadly it seems Leuchtturm paper quality went really down).


Drops of ink on kitchen towel



Software ID


Color range


Tomoe River, Kaweco Sport Classic, B




Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Sport Classic, Bfpn_1472898065__shakespeare_l_1.jpg



Leuchtturm 1917 grid paper, Senator Windsor, M









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