El Greco (Maron) – De Atramentis

De Atramentis fountain pen inks are  hand made in Germany by Dr. Franz-Josef Jansen, and come in a 35ml glass bottle. The company has been producing inks for about 30 years so there is a proven track record here. These inks are said to be hand made – the entire production process is done manually in the manufacturing center. The thing that influence their quality and, sadly, price is the fact that Dr. jansen uses only dyes from well established german companies like BASF.

De Atramentis inks are sold in 35 ml glass bottles. I enjoy the way this bottle look and I find them practical. Some of DA inks come in black glass that’s supposed to protect the ink from light.

I enjoy trying products of smaller companies, especially the ones that creators put a lot of heart and energy in developing their business and products. I believe Dr. Jansen is such a person. He’s developed literally hundreds of inks indifferent categories. I’ve tried just a small quantity of his inks. I’ve enjoyed some and disliked some. It’s normal. I\m still eager to get to know most of DA inks.

De Atramentis inks are grouped into categories like Sstandard inks, Document inks, Black Edition inks. Also on De ATramentis website you can find a lot of topic related inks (places, signs of zodiac, history, business, music, literature etc.). Most of them are renamed standard inks.

El Greco from People of Art series is actually Maron. It also appears in Music series as Richard Wagner ink.

Maron  is interesting ink. I enjoy the color because of it’s complexity. On the other hand the writing properties of this ink haven’t met my expectations. That’s good. It means I can still look for my grail ink ;).

What I find disappointing is medium saturation and average flow and lubrication. The ink feels dry especially in finer nibs. It looks cool in my amazing but ugly Kaweco Sport Classic (Seriously this broad nib is amazing) but once used in pen with finer nib . worse flow the ink looks less interesting.


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Lamy Al-Star, Oxford notebook, fine nib






Lamy Al-Star, Oxford notebook, medium nib



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