Leonardo Red-Brown – Montblanc LE ink review

I believe that people who work in Montblanc headquarters are evil-minded. If ther were good, we could buy many of their LE inks in every MB boutique. Unhappily we can’t. We can win an auction and pay crazy amount of money for such ink but it’s not good deal   :)

Of course part of the charm of LE inks is that you have decide fast whether you want them or not. On the other hand some MB linited colors were very intriguing and rather unique and it’s a pity they;’re no longer easily obtainable. And let’s not forget it’s good for MB business.

Mmg122 was incredibly generous and sent me full bottle of Leonardo Red Chalk as a gift. Mary – thank you a lot. 

As for the ink itself I always enjoyed it although before I had just small sample that i used fastly. Now I can enjoy full bottle. And I will, every single drop of it 🙂

In finer nibs the color may look a little flat and chalky while in wide nib the ink is rather vibrant and engaging.  It doesn’t provide a lot of glossiness, it doesn’t offer sheen but it shades like crazy. It’s not the wettest ink but I reserved it for Lamy 2000 with OB nib and in this combo it’s exactly as I like it: wet and with tons of shading.

The color isn’t really unique. It has some nice orangey undertones and so on but it’s not the most original color ever created. Still, it’s enjoyable and the bottle, while small, is more than nice (although I wonder how folks writing with ther MB 149 fill their pens from this bottles).



d becomes illegible when exposed to water


Ink Splash


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




No-name notebook, Lamy 2000 OB nib


Water resistance




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