Fresh Oranges of Lake Hamana – Bung Box (Sailor)

Sailor is my favourite ink maker (ex-aequo with J. Herbin). Sadly their most interesting inks are available only in Japan or from internet retailers. There are few japanese shops famous for their wide and interesting range of Sailor inks. One of most well-known is Bung Box. A lot of people were taken by interesting bottles and intriguing colors. It seems however that recently many ink enthusiasts started to shy away from this line since Bung Box inks became much more bitterly expensive than other Sailor inks.

The line consists of quite a few colors. My list is incomplete and most of the names aren’t translated well. If you have full list of BB inks and/or could gheklp me with correcting english names, help me sort this out  :)

  1. 4B Blue/Black
  2. BB Espresso
  3. Dandyism
  4. Emerald
  5. Enshu Black
  6. Fuyiyama Blue
  7. Hamanako Eel
  8. Imperial Purple
  9. Ink of the Witch
  10. L’Amant
  11. Luminous Green
  12. Melancholic Gray
  13. Mocha
  14. Music Black
  15. Nostalgia
  16. Oamezaki Sunset
  17. Omaezaki
  18. Omaezaki Blue
  19. Oranges of Lake Hamana
  20. Pink
  21. Ruby
  22. Sapphire
  23. Silent Night
  24. Soleil
  25. Tears of Clown

Before I write few words about the ink allow me to start by saying thank you mmg122 for sending me samples of different Sailor inks.

Fresh Oranges of lake Hamana is very nice orange ink. It’s well saturated and has interesting shading that shows interplay between orange and yellow tones. On the other hand the ink feels surprisingly dry. Most Sailor inks I’ve tried so far felt more “lubricated” than this one. I haven’t observed feathering or bleedthrough.

While I enjoy the color I believe this ink is ridicoulously ovrpriced.

Ink splash


Drops of ink on kitchen towel




Software ID



Tomoe River – Kaweco Sport Classic, eyedropper, B




Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B nib





Clairefontaine, Faber-Castell Ondoro, M



Oxford, Hero 5028, stub 1,9




2 thoughts on “Fresh Oranges of Lake Hamana – Bung Box (Sailor)

  1. It is a nice ink. But these Bung Box and other exclusive inks have become so elitist it’s ridiculous. For more than $50 a bottle, it had better write the letter for me.

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