Opuntia Stricta – Penbbs Ink No. 96

Penbbs is chinese fountain pen forum. It seems the guys are not only talking about pens but also mixing inks and the moment they’ve created approximnately 160 inks. Wow. I remember I’ve seem Lgsoltek review of their ink but I didn’t follow the lead until recently a friend of mine gave me sample of the ink and asked to review it. The deal was simpple – I do my usual tests, tell him what I think about the ink and only after that he would tell me ink’s name. I’ve tried sample in two pens – Faber-Castell Ondoro with fine nib and Kaweco Classic Sport with broad nib (although the pen is ugly it’s almost ubreakable – I’ve written few hunderds reviews with it and flushed it with water probably more than one thousand times. Crazy.).

Anyway Opuntia Stricta has very nice color (Cyber6 – you around anywhere?) and really good writing proprieties. It doesn’t feather even on Moleskine paper that – for me – is the worst representation of fountain pen unfriendly paper. It dries really fast (depending on the nib and paper combo between 3 – 10 seconds) and is water resistant to some extent. The color suits my taste. One disadvantage I’ve discovered in fine nib is quick drying out. When I left FC ondoro uncapped for 30 seconds the pen had some difficulty to start. When the pen is capped after use there’s no issues with the flow once you uncap it and start writing after a day or so. The flow is good but not amazing, the lubrication could be better but I’m really impressed with this ink and I enjoy it.

If there’s anyone here who participated in chinese pen forum who could shed some light on these inks I would be interested in learning more about them (who makes them, is it mass or artisanal production and so on). It seems they can be bought on Taobao.

Enough words. Now let’s look at the images. On the other hand though I must confess I find it great to review unknown ink and having its name revealed only after the assessement is done. I bet this way some of popular inks wouldn’t get so much recognition :)


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Tomoe River, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco Classic Sport, B




Oxford, Kaweco Classic Sport, B





Rhodia, Faber-Castell Ondoro,F



Moleskine, Faber-Castell Ondoro,F



Water resistance





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