Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Terra

After few years of presence on pen forums  I amassed a sizable collection of unnecessary things. As the collection of pens and inks grew I had to  evict my dog and cat to make more place for pens and to sell my Darling Wife to finance expensive hobby.

Okay, It seems I got carried away and you’re right to think my claims are exagerrated.

They are.

Dog has stayed.


Someone has to keep an eye on the pens while I’m gone.

And now on more serious note

Over the last few years I tried quite a few fountain pens and even more inks. I am rather surprised I haven’t drowned in the sea of ink. Anyway every few months I sit and start the process of “cleaning” the collection, and usually there’s no mercy when I start. If the pen is out of use and nothing indicates the situation will change in foreseeeable future, I resell it or give it to someone. Only few pens are still with me since I bought them. To give you an example – I used to have nice flock of Watermans (more than ten, maybe thirteen?), today I don’t have a single one (on the other hand, my wife has two, and as she doesn’t write with a fountain pen, it is as if I had them myself). It’s the same with Sheaffers. I used to like them and use them but things have changed. Bye, bye white dots.
 The pens that stay with me are the ones I find intriguing or pleasing. It can be ergonomics, design or filling-system that keeps the pen in my flock. When it comes to Faber-Castell / Graf von Faber-Castell I have a problem. Usually I enjoy them a lot but on some days I look at them and shake my head with disbelief asking myself what on earth made me buy them? Yes. Their design is rather unique and it won’t captivate everyone’s attention nor will it delight everyone. Anyway most Fc and GvFC are still with me and recently I’ve recruited another German to my gang. Graf von Faber-Castell Terra was intriguing me for quite some time. Google thinks it’s rather good fountain pen, I took it’s (and many reviewers) word for it and took a chance.
I’ve bought this pen from one of FPNers. The price was reasonable, communication was great. After a week I’ve received the pen in perfect condition. After closer inspection I nodded in appreciation. Terra finish looks great. And the pen is rather elegant. Of course this is still a typical Graf von Faber-Castell. My feelings toward it are somewhat ambiguous. There are days when I can’t understand what I saw in this massive chunk of plastic (sorry, precious resin) :)


Intuition Terra 






Let’s be honest, Graf von Faber-Castell products aren’t known for flowing lines and aerodynamic shape. They are in fact quite clumsy and angular. But there’s something catchy to them. Let’s take a look at Intuition Terra.

The style of the Intuition series is unmistakable, with its characteristic trumpet shape, the ribbed surface of the end cap, and the spring-loaded clip. The finely fluted barrel is made of a single piece of material, no screw joint interrupts the elegant and pure shape. The combination of earth-coloured barrel with a black cap, polished to a nice finish, makes an attractive adjunct to more classic (Black, Ivoiry) Intuition models. The springloaded clip of Graf von Faber-Castell pens is very characteristic, it adorns (or disfigures – opinions are divided) big friction fit cap that closes onto the barrel with an audible click. The words “hand made in Germany” are engraved in the platinum-plated ring that decorates the open end of the cap. It is said that manufacturing process involves over a hundred steps, most of them carried out by hand of GvFC employees.


Interesting thing about the pen is the fact it doesn’t have section.  There is a slight depression on the barrel where the fingers would hold the pen, this adds to the comfort of writing with the pen. It’s quite nice but I have one issue with this pen.


Well, it’s not Lamy. Intuition is rather fat pen. The barrel diameter is large and it took me some time to get used to writing with this pen. The first day was frustrating. My hands tired after 10-15 minutes of using Intuition. Around third day I’ve managed to reprogram my brain to Inuition mode that allows me to write with Terra in coordinated and pleasant way. It’s not the best choice for people with small hands.




Top notch.





The nib is 18-carat gold nib, run in by hand, has two tones that look well although personally I would prefer rhodium coated nib. I find the nib too small. It doesn’t really look proportional to me (compared to rather big pen). On the other hand it’s great nib, as all FC/GvFC nibs I’ve tried so far. The pen writes very smoothly and offers generous flow. It takes very little effort to deliver a great line of ink. It may happen I will soon receive Montblac Red Chalk bottle. If this will really happen Terra and this pen will make great couple.

Writing Sample

Paper: Lyreco Budget, 60 g; ink – Rouille d’Ancre, J. Herbin



Filling system






Cartridge / converter but not your usual one. The section is contained inside the barrel. When the metal knob on the end of the barrel is rotated anti-clockwise the section “unscrews” from the barrel. The nib has a screw fit, and inserts into a metallic sleeve that has threads which synchronize with the inner threads on the barrel, both ending up with octagonal cross sections. The converter has a metallic band which friction-fits into the nib section. GvFC converter has reasonably high ink capacity of 0.8 – 0.9 ml. Still, I would prefer it to be piston-filler.


Intuition isn’t cheap – in Poland it’s MSRP is around 1500 – 1600 PLN (+/- 400 $). I managed to buy a pen for much better price but not everyone will find great deals. Is it worth its MSRP? Well, the competition in this price range is big, strong and highly diversified. Graf von Faber-Castell makes great pens, but Aurora, Omas, Pelikan, Visconti make equally good and interesting pens. My impression is that Intuition is not the most competitive pen in this price range, but it’s well engineered and intriguing pen nevertheless.


So far I’m pleased with Graf von Faber-Castell. This pen is very distinctive and unusual. It is not perfect, but I like it.


  • Quality
  • Design
  • Nib



  • Nib should be bigger
  • Barrel diameter will be too big for some people to write comfortably

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