Octopus – Pinie fountain pen ink

I believe many of you will be thrilled to know there’s new ink maker on the market.Octopus Concept GmbH.


The company has web shop selling printer ink and toner, It seems one of their chemists thought he’d enjoy creating fountain pen inks too. Let me quote the text from company’s site:

“What started out as a good product is now becoming a passion of mine.” That’s what our chemist Dr. Kai-Oliver Schäfer said when he was developing this high-quality ink. “It’s no longer about writing something beautiful – it’s about beauty itself!”

The parameters he used to assess the quality go beyond colour and saturation. With every lab-scale batch and every writing test, his requirements regarding shades, a low degree of fraying, optimum drying time, writing and smooth gliding increased.

Therefore, we can wholeheartedly recommend our Octopus Fluids writing ink to anyone who loves writing with a fountain pen. You can choose from nine different colours – discover just how beautiful writing by hand can be!

The inks are produced in ten colors and can be purchased in Pelikan style no-nonsense 30 ml bottles (4,95 euros), 40 ml bottles from pen-paradise.de



and huge 250 ml bottles (14,95 euro)



What caught my attention was good price per ml and interesting and intense shading. Besides I enjoy novelties. I just couldn’t resist myself. Hopefully I’m in good, lenient companionship here. Anyway I’ll review the full line. Actually I’ve already done it but there’s no haste, is there?

I’ll start by Pinie, nice brown ink.




Ink Splash on Mondi 120 g paper


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Software ID


Color Range


Oxford recycled, 90 g – Kaweco Sport Classic, eyedropper mode, Broad nib





2 thoughts on “Octopus – Pinie fountain pen ink

    • That’s true. I haven’t become heavy user of this ink but I think it’s pleasant and quite unique. Not one of a kind, but still rather uncommon.


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